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Know where you stand as an Employer and stay ahead of the competition! Get access to industry insights to elevate your strategy on Employer Branding and Recruitment through a range of services provided by

Employer Branding can be powerful, indeed

Simply ask yourself: Where would I like to work? We bet you thought of a company with a fun working environment that offers a lot of benefits. This is the power of Employer Branding. Standing out from the pack as an active Employer of Choice impacts the success of a business in terms of being a desirable place of work, which is crucial to attracting and retaining the best talent.

Data* speaks for itself

A strong and solid Employer Brand…

…is cost-

…can build a company’s reputation

…should be kept
active daily


Where we focus on?

Employee value proposition

Evaluation of the offerings and values that positively influence your organization’s stakeholders

Candidate experience

Depiction of candidates’ perception of your organisation

career site &

Measurement of your career site and ATS user-friendliness & effectiveness

channel effectiveness

Assessment of the efficiency of your promotional and attraction tools

Our Employer Branding Solutions

Elementary Solution

Industry Insights provides you with a report of selected industry trends and insights, by evaluating the main aspects that affect a company’s Employer Brand (Employee Value Proposition, Candidate Experience, Career Site & Channel Effectiveness, Candidates’ Opinions via surveys).
Get access to data!
Use Industry Insights as a valuable tool to get statistics and analytical reports regarding Employer Branding tactics and build your recruitment plans and Employer Branding strategy.
team analyzing stats

Check out our latest Industry Benchmarking Reports

Standard Solution

Limited Scope Audit provides you with a thorough quantitative and qualitative analysis report on Employer Branding and Candidate Attraction tactics by evaluating your company in comparison to competitors of your choice from a selected Industry.
Implement the best practices & stand out!
Develop your Employer Branding and Recruitment strategy with customized actionable items to incorporate within your organization in order to attract and engage candidates better.

Advanced Solution

Full Scope Audit

Internal Audit provides you with an analytical report on the perception of your key selected internal stakeholders (HR, Marketing, Leadership team, etc.) in terms of the Company’s Culture, Employer Branding, and Candidate Attraction aspects.
Achieve higher employee engagement & retention!
Develop ways to improve the alignment amongst the selected stakeholders-departments through the suggested actionable items.

External Audit provides you with a report on the perception of previous and/or potential employees about your Employer Brand by conducting a survey distributed across all channels for specific target audiences.
Discover your candidates’ viewpoints!
Review actions that need to be included in your strategy in order to increase your candidate pool and boost talent attraction, based on candidate assessment.

Tailor-made Solutions

EVP Building can assist you with organizing and developing a structured EVP (Employee Value Proposition) and building your company’s identity that will not only differentiate you from competitors but also it will increase candidate attraction and employee retention.

Mystery Candidate Experience

Evaluation of overall candidate experience including online application, phone approach and virtual interview etc. Τhis service will propose specific actions on how to strengthen the experience of your prospective candidates, based on evaluation & data.

Career Site Consulting

This service will evaluate your current Career Site and the site of your most important competitors, while proposing Actionable Items on how to develop it. We can also create a brand-new Career Site from scratch and equip it with an ATS.

360° Onboarding Evaluation

We extract feedback from people who have been hired during the last 6 months and from stakeholders who are involved in the onboarding process, in order to specify areas for improvement and propose actionable items.

Employer Branding Communication

(to be announced soon)

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