Direct Emails

Inform a targeted audience about your vacancies and/or training opportunities, based on your criteria.


Direct Email

Candidates or Employer Database

Choose between the candidate or the employer base of


Target your recipients through certain criteria or combination of criteria (educational level, working experience, region, etc.)

Book your date

Book the date you wish to send your e-mail according to current availability.

Direct sending

Send your message safely directly to the inbox of your preselected audience with the credibility of

Job Ad
500 (+vat)
  • Active Job Ad up to 3,000 recipients
1 Send
CV Database
1.250-4.500 (+vat)
  • Service or Educational Program, to up to 100,000 recipients, based on criteria
1 Send
Employers Database
2.000 (+vat)
  • Up to 11,000 Employers
1 Send


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