Digital Events

Find the most suitable candidate for your vacancies through a flexible virtual platform.

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Career Days Digital

3D animated experience

You become a vital part of an interactive fair that takes place within an entirely 3D structured environment.

matching technology

Get matching candidates to your open positions in no time. It’s automatic once you have set your criteria.

Εngagement via Text, Voice or Video

Communicate with the most relevant candidates for your business via online chat, call or video.

employer branding

Showcase your organization as a Top Employer that uses top notch technology to attract the best candidates.

recorded or live webinar

Conduct a live or pre-recorded webinar that thousands of candidates can watch through the platform.

Live data analytics

Watch live how many users are in online mode, match with your recruiters or have applied to your positions.


Developers:Day :Digital


Direct connection with a wide audience of developers from all over Greece.


Conducting interviews from the security of your office.

Virtual Platform

Find the right candidates for your vacancies through a flexible virtual platform.

Features Career Days Digital Developers:Day Digital
3d Animated Experience
Recorded or Live Webinar
Matching Technology
Engagement via Text, Voice or Video
Employer Branding
Live Data Analytics


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