Notice about Personal Data Processing

By submitting your electronic application to participate in the event, you provide to the company with the name “KARIERA KNOW-HOW, COMMERCIAL PROMOTION AND EXPLOITATION OF SPECIAL PUBLICATIONS S.A.” (hereinafter “KARIERA”) certain of your Personal Data [as defined in Article 4 of Regulation 2016/679 (hereinafter the “Regulation”) and specified below]. Your data is submitted electronically through this online platform, which is hosted on the website (the “Website”) held by the company under the name “RingCentral, Inc” (hereinafter “RingCentral”). You can find more information about the Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use of the Website in the corresponding field at the bottom of the Website and the application form. This notice describes how KARIERA processes the Personal Data that you disclose, in accordance with the terms and conditions of the applicable legislation (including indicatively the Regulation and the Greek Law 4624/2019).

Data Controller: KARIERA
Data Processor: We make available your Personal Data to RingCentral (Data Processor) and/or to other Data Processors.

We also share your full name (mandatory) and any other information (optional) you choose to provide to us when creating your profile (indicatively your profile picture, your job title, information contained in your CV, etc.) to:
the companies participating in the event (each of them acts as an independent Data Controller and applies its own data protection policy),
the speakers of the event,
the rest of the participants.

However, via “Privacy Settings” field, you can choose whether you wish to be contacted during the event by the participating companies and other participants in the event, or only by KARIERA, as the organizer.
We disclose your Personal Data wherever and whenever this: a) is reasonably necessary for the processing of your application and/or for the conduct of the event you signed up (including your networking/communication with participating companies, speakers, other participants), and/or b) is necessary for the proper operation of the Website, and/or c) is required by the applicable law.

We may place links on the Website to other websites operated by third parties. When you “click” on these links or otherwise visit, participate in or use the services or websites of other parties, whether or not they contain our trade name, trademarks and other intellectual property rights, together with those of third party operating the respective website, you should know and be aware that we do not control the business practices of such parties and that our Privacy Policy does not apply to those other parties or their websites.

Country of Data Transfer/Storage: Your Personal Data is stored in the context of the event by RingCentral and KARIERA on servers located within the European Union.

Which Personal Data we collect when you submit your application and for which purpose:
When you submit your application, we collect the following data for the evaluation of your application and your participation in the event:
Your full name, your email and (if you optionally choose to disclose it) your contact phone number.
The username for the creation of your personal account.
Other information and data (e.g. information about your education, work experience, job title etc.) included in your CV (if you optionally choose to upload it when submitting your application) and/or in repolink/ github link/ linkedin link (if you optionally choose to disclose them to us when submitting your application) etc.
Your Personal Data are collected by KARIERA for the following reasons:
For the registration, management and maintenance of the user account, which is necessary to create in order to submit your application and participate in the event.

For your networking/communication with the participating companies, speakers, other participants. Whenever a company/speaker/participant wishes to communicate with you (if you choose in the corresponding field “Privacy Settings” such company/speaker/participant to be able to contact you and in what way) or if you wish to communicate with them (regardless of whether you choose each company/speaker/participant to be able to contact you or not), the interested party will have to sent a “join my network” request, which will appear to the recipient in the form of a notification, within the platform, for the acceptance or rejection of each request. In case the recipient chooses to accept the “join my network” request, the recipient can contact the sender of the request directly and share with the sender as much information as the recipient wishes. KARIERA does not have any access to the information exchanged between the participants.
For provision of customer support and information about how/when the event will be held.
For direct promotion of KARIERA’s similar events/services via email and/or SMS.

On which legal basis we use your Personal Data:
We process: a) your Personal Data in the context of the event and according to the applicable law, in order to provide our services to you (if you do not provide to us the necessary information requested in the application, we cannot communicate with you regarding your participation in the event), and b) your email address and your contact phone number, after event termination, to serve our legitimate interests, and specifically for direct promotion of KARIERA’s similar events/services via email and SMS.

How long we retain your Personal Data:
We retain: a) your Personal Data (excluding your email and your contact phone number), only for the time period that is reasonably necessary for the conduct of the event and we ensure that your Personal Data are deleted from KARIERA’s systems and from RingCentral’s platform / systems, no later than 30 calendar days after completion of the event, and b) your email and your contact phone number, until you unsubscribe from the list of KARIERA’s recipients.

Which are your rights in relation to the Personal Data we collect:
You retain the rights described in detail in the Regulation, including the following rights of: access (Article 15), rectification (Article 16), erasure (Article 17), restriction (Article 18), and the right to lodge a complaint with the competent Data Protection Authority (Article 77).

Contact Information:
Address: KARIERA SA, 4 Kastorias & Messinias str., Gerakas, 153 44, Greece
Tel.: +30 210 811530