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What to expect

These Tourism Career Days are for you if you're seeking:

A job for the new season

Are you searching for a job in the Tourism sector for the upcoming season but haven't secured any collaborations yet? Prepare your CV and get ready for 1:1 job interviews with representatives from top Tourism and HORECA companies.

Networking opportunities

Connect with leading companies actively hiring professionals in the Tourism industry. Explore all the opportunities for new collaborations.

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Participating Companies Actively Hiring

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Create your own career story

Είναι μεγάλη μας τιμή που στηρίζουμε ενεργά τις Ημέρες Καριέρας Τουρισμού 2023 στη μεγαλύτερη έκθεση φιλοξενίας στην Αθήνα. Αναμένουμε με χαρά να συναντήσουμε υποψήφιους εργαζόμενους με ταλέντο στο χώρο της φιλοξενίας για να ενταχθούν στην οικογένειά μας.


Tourism Career Days is a distinguished event centered around career prospects within the Tourism industry. Spanning two days, it unites top employers and professionals from this sector, enabling connections, facilitating discussions about available job positions, and fostering valuable partnerships.
This two-day event is for you if you want to:
  • Meet dozens of leading Tourism and HORECA companies actively hiring.
  • Engage in 1:1 job interviews.
  • Network with experienced industry professionals.
Register today for Tourism Career Days and discover all the opportunities for your next career steps.

The event takes place at the Metropolitan Expo, located at the end of Attiki Odos and access to it is quite easy given the variety of transport means. Explore all the transportation options in detail here.

Tourism Career Days are designed for individuals who aspire to take their first step or advance further in their career within the Tourism sector. It is for those seeking to connect with top companies in Tourism and HORECA and are committed to continuous growth.

To enter the venue where the Tourism Career Days are held, in addition to registering for the event, you also need to register for the XENIA exhibition - either online or on-site at the entrance to the venue. To avoid waiting in queues, register online. In any case, make sure to have your ticket ready for scanning upon entering the event.

The CV Smart Pass is a service available to the Sponsors (Platinum and Gold) of Tourism Career Days. Through this service, they will automatically receive the resume you submitted with your event participation application. 

Tip: Make sure to have printed copies of your resume (and enough copies) to share with the participating companies that interest you.

  • A well-organized folder will help you keep all your documents (resume, portfolio, etc.) in one place.
  • Prepare multiple copies of your resume to give to company representatives if requested.
  • If you're interested in more than one job position, have different versions of your resume tailored accordingly.
  • Prepare a list of questions you'd like to ask the company representatives you're interested in.
  • Pen and paper are your trusted allies. Take notes during each interview/discussion so you have all the information you need for later.

Find useful tips on how to create or update your resume on 👉 the YouTube channel or in 👉 this section of the blog. You can also discover insights on how to ace a successful interview in this blog section. Don't forget to check out the participating companies in Tourism Career Days to gather information before meeting their representatives.

With these tips and your positive attitude, you'll be well-prepared. Put on your smile and stand out!

While appearance isn't everything, the first impression matters. The more authentic you feel, the better you can showcase your personality and skills.

Present your best self, exuding confidence. Ensure your attire is well-groomed and opt for a business casual outfit that allows you to feel comfortable throughout the day.

  • Prepare adequately: Before attending the event, make sure you have the necessary information about the participating companies that interest you.
  • Introduce yourself with your warmest smile.
  • Communicate with politeness and sincerity. Seize the opportunity to learn everything about the job openings, benefits, and work environment of the participating companies.
  • Set your phone to silent beforehand and avoid having it in front of you during a conversation/interview.
No, at Tourism Career Days, you can attend interviews without having to schedule an appointment in advance. Simply visit the booth of the company you're interested in and have an on-the-spot job interview.

You can provide your resume to the company representative for them to keep your information. Then, politely request the representative's business card if available.

Remember, you don't have to rely solely on paper! We live in a digital age. Follow the companies that caught your attention on social media platforms to stay updated on their activities. And why not connect with their representatives on LinkedIn to maintain contact?

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