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Modern Web Architecture & Performance DISCLOSED

Are server-side rendered react applications always going to be faster than client-side rendered react? What are some good strategies for keeping on top of web performance? In just 30′, a Senior Frontend Engineer will reveal, “from within”, how the latest web frameworks and architectures impact performance and how to measure web performance successfully. Join us and ask us anything.

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What are the Tech.NO Secret sessions?

30’ online meet-ups

for IT professionals

by IT Recruiters, Senior Software Engineers, CTOs & Tech Specialists

who answer your questions.

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Because we answer the most-voted questions that YOU can send us BEFORE each session. We invite you to ask us, and... we challenge you.

Participate & Win!

One lucky participant from France will win a 50€ Gift Voucher from Amazon ,

while another lucky participant from Greece will win a 100€ Gift Card from Kotsovolos .

The draw will take place after the session, using an online tool and the winners will be announced via a social media story. The prizes can be redeemed within one month after the session.

Past Events

AI in Front-End Development DECODED

How is AI collaborating with front-end developers to shape the future of web development? What are some AI tools, to create a minimum viable product (MVP) for my startup idea within a limited timeframe? In just 30′, a Senior Front-End Developer will reveal, “from within”, how AI is rapidly transforming the field, paving the way for smarter designs, intuitive interactions, and more efficient coding. Join us and ask us anything.

From Chaos to Clarity: eDiscovery and Digital Forensics Demystified

In just 30′, an eDiscovery & Digital Forensics specialist will reveal, “from within”, the incredible paths that your curiosity for technology, your love of coding and the ability to combine technical skills with a business perspective can lead you to. 

Mastering your Tech Realm UNMASKED

In just 30 minutes, a Chief Technology Officer will uncover the naked truth of excelling in your next tech startup endeavor and answer your most-voted questions, “from within”. Join us and ask us anything!

AI & Machine Learning EXPOSED

In just 30’, an AI and a Machine Learning specialist will dive deep into the naked truth of intelligent systems and answer your most-voted questions, “from within”.

ΙΤ Salaries Get Naked

In just 30 minutes, we reveal the salaries of a mid-level Product/IT team.
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