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Employer Branding School

Enroll in Employer Branding School’s online courses to learn best practices and position your organization on the path of being an Employer of Choice.

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Starting date

Nov 21, 2022

Entry level

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Starting date

Jan 16, 2023

Advanced level

*early bird until 23/12


During & after the course, you will:

  • Learn about Employer Branding methodologies, tools and frameworks

  • Fully understand all the Employer Branding elements within an organization

  • Expand your Network of Employer Branding professionals, both on local and international participants

  • Get access to all educational materials

  • Acquire a certificate of attendance

Put words into actions

Upon completion you will be able to:

  • Develop targeted (internal/external) communication plans and activate an Employer Branding strategy across the full employment lifecycle

  • Rethink organizational workflows to optimize Employee Experience across all levels

  • Assess the ROI and business impact of your strategy

  • Understand how to capitalize the key metrics of Employer Branding (retention, cost per hire, talent attraction)

  • Engage C-suite leadership in the business value of Employer Branding

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What is Εmployer Βranding School?

Employer Branding is a strategy focused on shaping a company’s external and internal reputation. During the Employer Branding School, you will learn to identify all the aspects of Employee Experience in an organization, understand the importance of key metrics in HR and establish a deep knowledge of how to form a strong Employee Value Proposition (EVP).

Join this School, designed by, to fill every knowledge gap about Employer Branding and excel in the fast-growing field of HR.


An Employer Branding Specialist implements the Employer Branding strategy of an organization that shapes its reputation as an Employer of Choice.

Reasons to attend

Standing out from the pack as an Employer of Choice is not easy. The contemporary Candidate-driven market is highly competitive, causing companies to battle over attracting and recruiting the best talent. Because, nowadays, it is candidates who have the power to choose the Employer they want, not vice versa.

Participating in the EB School will equip you with deep knowledge that will help you distinguish your company within the vast challenging environment of Talent Acquisition and Employee Experience.

Current trends you need to know


cost-per-hire reduction can be achieved, thanks to a very strong Employer Brand 💰


of recruitment leaders in the labor market argue that Employer Branding is the key factor for attracting talent 🚀


of candidates would apply for a job when it is from an employer brand that is maintained active


of employees would consider leaving their current job for a company with better reputation 👂


Νίκος Φόρος

Product Owner - Employer Branding Solutions at

Τόνια Τζίτζη

Product Coordinator - Employer Branding Solutions @

Pericles Antoniades

Senior global Employer Branding Manager

Angie Verros

Global Talent Acquisition | Sourcing as a Service | Diversity Sourcing | Rainbow Unicorn Finder | Sourcer & Recruiter Training | Keynote Speaker

Claudia Tattanelli

Founder & CEO at C-YourCulture

Virginia Amici

Senior Employer Branding and Communication Manager

In a nutshell

Everything you need to know about Employer Branding is here. Through this Employer Branding School, powered by, you will learn proven methodologies, frameworks, strategies and tools that will aid you to develop, implement, measure and manage an Employer Branding strategy to the world’s best practice standards.

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Having a reputable Employer Brand is a must for an organization's strategy, as it helps companies recruit candidates better, reduce hiring and marketing costs and improve productivity.

The Program is intensive. It lasts one month (Entry level: 22 hours in total & Advanced level: 23 hours in total) and takes place in the evenings.

In the entry level group, you will gain deep knowledge of all the aspects of Employer Branding along with real-life cases, while in the advanced level group you will learn about Employer Branding methodologies, frameworks and tools along with case studies from all around the world.

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