Developed for strategic HR decisions, designed for all.

Our mission is to offer you a HR tool that saves you time, automates procedures, keeps things simple & makes you happy!

tired entry?

Do you still keep your employees records in shared documents?
Get more done in less time using an all-in-one k.people software.

Forget about the administrative hassle using an intuitive HR system.
We can  help you get your focus back on your business.

saves you time
automates procedures
keeps things simple
makes you happy
core.HR essentials

Add a new employee in 2 clicks

Employees' detailed profiles

Company's dashboards

Positions, departments & locations

Separate employees according to the real working status

Active, onboarding, pending to be hired, inactive

Organization Chart

Import employees massively


Automated approval flows

Employees' self service

Define working days & holidays

Create policies for Employees’ balance


Developed for strategic HR decisions, designed for all!


HR to send onboarding link

Employees to activate their account & fill in their basic information in a 4 step onboarding process

Employee to upload personal documents


Keep your employees updated with company's news posts

Create, edit and schedule post for your employees

employees’.portal (self selvice)

Dedicated login page for your company

Invited users only

Designed for mobile

Time off request in 2 clicks

Company's directory

View my-team details


Developed for strategic HR decisions, designed for all!


Get everything done effectively with our platform

Employees Dashboard

One single point displaying all
Employees basic info and their status

Time Off Calendar View

View all team's Time Off
in a calendar view.

Employee Profile

A hub for all Employees details

Massive import employees & export data

Use our import template in order to create automatically department(s), location(s), position title(s) & reporting lines

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