Job Openings section: 53/65 81.5 %

Job Openings Statistics

Search job position by field / specialty: 26/53 49.1 %
“Share this position” button: 37/53 69.8 %

Required fields

Just email required: 4/53 7.5 %
1-3 required fields: 1/53 1.9 %
4-9 required fields: 40/53 75.5 %
10+ required fields: 8/53 15.1 %

Required steps

1-3 required steps: 21/53 39.6 %
4-9 required steps: 32/53 60.4 %
10+ required steps: 0/53 0 %


45 out of 53 responded with automated email


5 out of 53 followed up with personalized email

In Conclusion

Job Vacancies play a vital role in the candidate’s experience. We noticed that the majority of the tech companies (53 out of 65) have available career opportunities on their website. It’s quite important to mention that 69.8% of them offer candidates the space to share a position with a friend or relative, which makes it much easier to increase the number of applications an organization receives. Also, almost half of them (47.2%) have a search option per field / specialty  on their career sites, a factor that helps the candidates to find the position they are interested in faster. Lack of this factor will decrease the overall candidate experience. Regarding the application process, most companies (75.5%) have 4-9 fields to fill in each application while the candidate has to follow  4-9 steps till it’s final submission. This could lead the average candidate to drop out of his/her application. Finally, we submitted applications to all these companies through our Mystery Candidate profiles and the majority of them (94.3%) sent a reply letter to our applicant. This contributes positively to the final experience of the candidate regardless of the result.