Talent Pool: 30/65 46.2 %

Required fields

Just email required: 12/30 40 %
1-3 required fields: 3/30 10 %
4-9 required fields: 13/30 43.3 %
10+ required fields: 2/30 6.7 %

Required steps

1-3 required steps: 22/30 73.3 %
4-9 required steps: 8/30 26.7 %


18 out of 30 responded with automated email


0 out of 30 followed up with personal email

In Conclusion

Throughout our research, we noticed that almost half of the tech companies (46.2%) have an active enabler for the candidate to enroll in their Talent Pool. In that way, he/she can stay in touch with the organization for future job opportunities. Regarding the application process in the company’s Talent Pool, the majority (73.3%) have a relatively short process of 1-3 steps, simplifying the experience of the candidate. At the same time, almost half of the companies (43.3%) have the candidate complete an average of 4-9 fields before submitting his/her CV, while 12 out of 30 require just to send an email. Finally, we submitted an application to all these companies through our mystery candidate profiles and most of them (60%) answered back with an automated answer while no one replied with a personalized email.