How often the companies upload new content on their accounts

Frequently (every 1-2 days): 20/65 30.8 %
Occasionally (once per 1-2 weeks): 27/65 41.5 %
Rarely: 14/65 21.5 %
Never: 3/65 4.6 %
No social media accounts: 1/65 1.6 %


20 out of 65 present their
job openings via
social media


32 out of 65 post their
job openings only on
their LinkedIn account


1 out of 65 companies have a page or Social Media Account dedicated to Human Resources

Posts dedicated on employees on the companies’ social media accounts

(64 out of 65 companies do not own a social media Account dedicated to Human Resources)

Frequently (every 1-2 days): 0/64 0 %
Occasionally (once per 1-2 weeks): 24/64 37.5 %
Only on LinkedIn account: 9/64 14 %
Rarely: 16/64 25 %
Never: 14/64 21.9 %
No social media accounts: 1/64 1.6 %

In Conclusion

The majority of the IT companies post content on their social media accounts daily or frequently. Only 30.8% of them inform their followers about upcoming job openings and most important, we observed through the audit that many companies have a one-sided presence on their channels by posting only on LinkedIn (49.2%). In that way, a candidate who does not own a LinkedIn account will never see this side of the company and will never be informed of its open vacancies. Even though most companies post regularly about their people on social media, we noticed that only 1 company has a dedicated account to its Human Resources. Lastly, it is important to point out that less than half of the companies (30) post rarely content regarding their personnel and over 20% of them they never do. As more and more companies tend to create valuable content about their people on social media, being on the other side of that, it creates a significant negative impact on prospective candidates.