Statistics about the 26 companies who own a career site:

26/26 have a Mobile-Friendly career site 100 %
25/26 have a Mobile-Optimized career site 96.2 %

Regarding the 22 companies who have a Job Openings section:

Allow the candidate to apply to a job opening via mobile: 21/22 95.5 %

*Mobile Friendly: The career site automatically orients itself based on the screen size of the mobile device, but it’s not designed to maximize user experience.

**Mobile Optimized:a mobile-optimized website is designed for smaller screens and built using a mobile-first approach that will reformat itself for mobile users. All mobile-optimized sites are made to make the website as frictionless as possible for mobile users.

In Conclusion

All the Β2C companies have a mobile friendly site (corporate and career). The majority of them (96.2%) offer an optimized experience to the candidates. Precisely, 95.5% of those who have open positions allow the candidate to apply via mobile device without facing any serious issues. This is very important as now an extremely large number of candidates make applications mainly through their mobile devices.