Entry level Curriculum

🗓 21/11   ⏱ 2.5 Hours   🗣 Nikos Foros

The talent landscape is evolving—are you? Whether you see it or not, you are having or being part of an employer brand. You can either brand or be branded. Want to level up your organization to become an employer of choice? Then, let’s begin.

This session will focus on the fundamentals of employer branding and will help you get up to speed on the current talent landscape, understand the role of employer branding as a key part of your business success and complement what you can do to succeed in the (never-ending) war for talent. You will be able to define the differences between your employer brand, corporate brand and consumer brand, the impact of employer branding on your business success, and what today's modern workforce looks like and their preferences when choosing an employer.

🗓 24/11   ⏱ 3 Hours   🗣 Pericles Antoniades

What is an EVP? Why is it important in modern organizations? Is it a necessity or a nice-to-have? How can you have one with limited resources? What is the connection to the employer brand? What exactly is an employer brand? And have you ever thought that perhaps there is one already? In this section, we’ll try to understand what an EVP is, how it can be attractive, authentic, credible and relevant, who can/should own it, what parts of an organization it can influence and how it forms the desired employer brand.

🗓 29/11   ⏱ 2.5 Hours   🗣 Angie Verros

Recruiting is becoming more like marketing each day. Talent acquisition teams now need to have a strategy for everything from video to SEO to social media, or else risk getting left behind. More than that, HR people must learn about these new trends in the recruiting space or risk having their own careers stagnate. Candidate Experience nowadays is more vital than ever. During this session, we'll cover why employer branding matters in the age of transparency, how organizations can build their brands both with large and small budgets, and how to track the effectiveness of your employer branding efforts, using the right HR metrics. In today's increasingly competitive job market, a positive employer brand is critical.

🗓 1/12   ⏱ 3 Hours   🗣 Claudia Tattanelli

Attendees will learn the basics of what are the key elements that influence employee experience and strategies that will allow them to influence in a positive way EX in their organizations and clients

They will learn what are the differences between EX and employee engagement and the connection between Culture and Employer brand. We will also describe what are the key touchpoints of the employee experience such as: Attract & Recruit, Onboard, Engage & Motivate, Develop, Exit stage.

The course will both provide a series of best practices examples across a multitude of case studies and industry best practices that really make a difference and learn from some of the best companies.

🗓 5/12   ⏱ 2.5 Hours   🗣 Dimitris Demiris

Many might think that Employer Branding is merely an HR process. In modern corporations, Marketing and HR should work hand in hand on how to deliver the best Employee/Candidate experience along with the most valuable Employer Branding campaigns. In this course we are going to understand the difference between Corporate Brand and Employer Brand along with all the Marketing procedures and metrics that one should know. We will examine the Campaign Architecture (Strategy, Media, Content Creation) of the EB in regards to the EVP and the rest of Corporate/ Marketing objectives of the brand. We will discuss the activations, Awareness Campaigns & Performance Campaigns, metrics, KPIs, collaboration between corporate teams and evaluation. Ways for content creation reviewing some local and global Case Studies.

🗓 8/12   ⏱ 2.5 Hours   🗣 Claudia Tattaeli & Virginia Amici

Employer Brand isn’t a fix or a hack. It is the act of changing how people see your company. In order to do so, you have to work both the internal and external communication of your brand. Internal communication plans are the main elements of your EVP that you need to constantly communicate to your people through various channels and campaigns. External communication are your online and social media presence, your extroversion and appearance on events along with your Employer Brand awareness that you need to build for prospective candidates. In this course you will be able to better understand all these terms, metrics that you need to pay attention to, successful case studies and potential strategies to use.

🗓 13/12   ⏱ 3 Hours   🗣 Nikos Foros

We live in a brand-new era regarding Talent attraction and Retention. The candidate now has much more power in his hands. And what does that mean? That in reality, employers do not choose the candidate who will fill the position or meet the requirements, but they should come forward and convince why he deserves to choose them. What better thing do they have to offer him, for the value, the expertise, the portfolio and the culture that he will bring to their organization, compared to the rest of their competitors. A powerful discussion along with valuable insights from kariera.gr’s recent industry benchmarkings on Employer Branding, we will navigate you through the future trends of our period.

🗓 16/12   ⏱ 3 Hours   🗣 Nikos Foros (with Tonia Tzitzi)

In this course we are going to analyze local and international case studies in various topics of Employer Branding. Companies all around the world are currently working on projects, campaigns, internal or external initiatives on how to win the war of Talent. Attendees will learn to identify these elements of Employer Branding in several occasions through practical examples and real life cases.

Enroll if you are

• a student who attends Bachelor or Master HR / BA / Marketing / Psychology
• an HR Recruiter or a Talent Acquisition Specialist, without any experience in Employer Branding
• a Marketer with little (or without) experience in creating Employer Branding campaigns
• an individual willing to learn about Employer Branding


Starting date: 21/11/2022
Days: Monday & Thursday
Time: 18:30 UTC +3


You will only need: Internet connection & a Computer


The school will be delivered remotely through the e-learning platform of kariera.gr


Upon the completion of the course, you will receive a digital Employer Branding School Certificate of Attendance, signed by your lecturers and kariera.gr. Shout out your success, by sharing your certificate on your social media channels or wherever you deem necessary.

Participation fee (Early Bird Offer)

Standard: 1000€ -> (650€)
Students/Unemployed: 750€ -> (550€)
2 Participations: 2000€ -> (1000€)
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