Advanced Level Curriculum

🗓 16/01   ⏱ 2.5 Hours   🗣 Nikos Foros

Employer Branding is nowadays more important than ever for companies. Candidates all around the world are changing professions, quitting their jobs and searching for that one Employer who can satisfy their needs about ownership, flexibility and understanding. This course is designed to help HR professionals in developing and implementing recruitment strategies based on Employer Branding metrics. Cost per Hire, Time to Fill, Retention, Turnover, Salary Range, Employee Satisfaction are some of the most important HR metrics that every Employer Branding professional needs to measure and monitor on a daily/monthly/yearly basis. The content provided in this course is a culmination of years of experience in the HR field working with small, mid-sized and big companies.

🗓 19/01  ⏱ 3 Hours   🗣 Pericles Antoniades

In this section we’ll be looking at not just developing an EVP that is attractive, authentic, credible and relevant for our target groups, but also understanding “why” - and how to make sure it’s activated internally and externally, while getting the necessary buy-in. Depending on the type of organization and the state that it’s in (e.g. start-up, scale-up, traditional, TBTF etc.), we’ll discuss potential stakeholders on-board, where Employer Branding should sit, quick wins and long-term investments.

🗓 23/01   ⏱ 3 Hours   🗣 Pericles Antoniades

OK, you got that EVP up - now what? The most difficult part is to activate it internally and externally and across candidate and employee touchpoints. We’ll go step by step in this process, to understand who should be engaged at which point and who should claim ownership. We’ll assume both unlimited and restrained budget situations - and what’s the best way to activate it in each case. We’ll also see examples of great (and not-so-great) activations of global and local organizations.

🗓 26/01   ⏱ 2.5 Hours   🗣 Angie Verros

Talent Acquisition is more than just sourcing and interview processes. Candidates are looking for the best possible option out there and all HR professionals who are working in Recruitment must unite their forces on what makes their organization unique and be the best ambassador of it. Additionally, it is vital for recruiters to have specific talent personas for their prospect candidates based on internal exploration and according to their organization’s EVP. This course will also help you categorize the most valuable KPIs of Talent Acquisition and understand the importance of having a technologically advanced Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

🗓30/01   ⏱ 3 Hours   🗣Claudia Tattanelli 

The course will cover all the basics of the theory on EX , Employee engagement and culture and discuss the latest trends and best practices in driving EX for their organizations or clients

The course will also analyze in depth all the important key touchpoints of the employee experience and the role each play in building and fostering an inclusive and high performing culture and build a successful Employer brand strategy and employee engagement 

The course will be both provide a series of best practices examples across a multitude of case studies and industry best practices including deep dives into how to drive employee engagement and ambassador programs, interview process and  how to structure a successful induction program

🗓 02/02   ⏱ 3 Hours   🗣 Claudia Tattaeli & Virginia Amici

Finding and hiring the right people is often cited as the number one concern of businesses today. It seems we are all competing for the best and brightest workers. In this course we will deep dive into internal and external communication analysis of your Employer Brand as an organization. If you want to increase your employee engagement, retention, inclusion and build a strong company culture, your EVP must stand out all over your messaging in your organization. Same goes for external communications. If you want to increase attraction and build a strong Employer of Choice reputation, you need to work strategically on your promotional actions, your visuals and your campaigns. All the above are going to be explained with real life examples and case studies in order to help you build the best possible communication strategy for your company’s Employer Brand.

🗓 06/02   ⏱ 3 Hours   🗣 Nikos Foros

In this course we are going to deep dive in local and international case studies in various topics of Employer Branding. Companies all around the world are currently working on projects, campaigns and internal or external initiatives on how to win the war of Talent. Attendees will be able to work on specific case studies, evaluate them based on all the knowledge they have gathered throughout the EB school and end up to important conclusions with their peers.

🗓 09/02  ⏱ 3 Hours   🗣 Nikos Foros

According to LinkedIn, companies with a strong talent brand spend, on average, 43% less to make a hire than competitors without a strong brand. This is because companies benefit from the natural talent attraction traits of an attractive employer brand instead of spending money on advertising and marketing campaigns. So, what do companies need to know about employer branding strategies in the next five years? We will conduct a powerful discussion regarding future trends and share important insights from global surveys.

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Starting date: 16/01/2023
Days: Monday & Thursday
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